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Best Coding Bootcamp in Nigeria

Best Coding Bootcamp in Nigeria

Tech/Coding Bootcamps are best ways to acquire high paying digital skill of the future. On this page, we shall be looking at some of the top best coding Bootcamp in Nigeria and how to easily get enrolled as a teen, youth or parent.

To further understand what content on this page is about, we thought sharing a lite insight on what tech/coding Bootcamps are will give you a head start.

Perhaps, let you understand what you will learn and why you should get involved irrespective of your location, tribe or gender.

Coding Bootcamp in Nigeria

What are Tech/Coding Bootcamps?

A tech or coding bootcamp are centralized courses which are concentrated in teaching technology, programming and world-class skills for individuals seeking for career path in future technology jobs.

Tech Bootcamps are usually organized by various organizations within and outside the country Nigeria. Though, the course outline may vary across different organization hosting the bootcamp.

In Nigeria, tech bootcamps are usually organized in a time whereby, people are more relieved from their daily routine. For instance, there are lots of virtual tech bootcamps organized by different organizations during the Covid-19 Pandemic season. This is because these organizations believes that it’s the best time to market their course to people as larger percentage of individuals spend more time on the internet that season.

During that time, companies hosting bootcamp ran a lot of online ads so as to attract larger percentage of individuals into purchasing their idea.

In simple understanding, tech bootcamps are hosted courses which are aimed at teaching interested persons career skills in tech.

Why Register for a Tech Bootcamp

There are vast reasons why registering for a tech/coding Bootcamp will be of benefit for you as an individual. Below, you will find some of the top reasons why you should get involved in any reliable tech/programming Bootcamp in Nigeria.

  • Learn skills you love faster compared to when you are left to learn on your own.
  • To learn digitally certified and high paying career skills in tech.
  • Opportunity to make money remotely without having to leave your home
  • Learn to “code” with support from experts
  • Get connected and associate with other interested/likeminded persons.
  • Learn team work and build relationship which will benefit you in the future
  • Share ideas and experience with others

Above are just few out of other top reasons why you should engage yourself (as a young adult) or your child 6-17 (as a parent/guardian).

A lot of people who are interested in learning how to code in Nigeria tend to be more interested in free coding bootcamps. In as much as this is not a bad idea (most especially if you have limited resources), be rest assured it won’t be fully packed as that of a premium bootcamp.

However, coding internship opportunities in Nigeria should be what you should put more interest on. Below, we’ve researched on some of the very best coding and programming schools in Nigeria where you can learn coding/programing, app/web development, product design (UI/UX) and so much more.

In as much as some of our top 3 picks are not 100% free, be rest assured that they are worth every penny you spent as they are fully packed yet made affordable for individuals seeking to learn tech skills.

Best Coding Bootcamp in Nigeria (Ranking)

1. SteamLedge Limited Tech/Programming Bootcamp

Tech/Coding bootcamps are periodically organized by us at Steamledge Limited. Irrespective of your current location, you can apply for Steamledge bootcamp and get enrolled as we offer both virtual/online session as well as physical session in any of our work centers nationwide.

The course outline our bootcamp usually vary however, some of the top notched which ever exit include;

  • Block Programming
  • Electronics & Robotics
  • Product Design (Game & App design)
  • Web & Mobile App Development.

SteamLedge Limited coding bootcamp are specifically made for kids & teen (ages 6-20 years). However, we welcome as many individuals who are interested in learning any of the skill mentioned above to the fullest.

As we all know, the world is evolving and tech skills are now regarded as the highest paying skills. Now think beyond the current year (2022/2023) to 2035 or above.

Are you interested in being part of Steamledge bootcamp? You can subscribe to either virtual/physical class here.

Physical classes are available in Abuja, Kano and Niger State only.

2. 9jaCodeKids Coding Bootcamp

Another leading bootcamp host on our list is the 9jaCodeKids coding bootcamp.

9jaCodeKids is a leading tech and programming institution known for their existence in education and service field. Just like Steamledge mentioned earlier, 9jacodekids do organize tech skill acquisition programs for individuals who are interested learning tech skills.

Bootcamp courses offered are but not limited to those mentioned above. They as well support virtual learning for interested individuals who are not close to any of 9jacodekids office location nationwide.

3. CodeCampus Tech Bootcamp

CodeCampus is yet another leading tech institution in Nigeria with their HQ in FCT.

Just like Steamledge and 9jaCodeKids mentioned above, CodeCampus are known for occasionally introducing programing & tech bootcamps where interested individuals can come, learn and interact with other tech-like-minded persons.

Available courses include web design, programming and product design etc. See below for overall conclusion.

Conclusion: Learn Coding/Programming Skills in Nigeria with Bootcamps

Hey there, hope you found this content informative and worth the while spent as we delivered just as promised by unveiling some of the top recommended tech/programming Bootcamps across major cities in Nigeria.

SteamLedge Coding Bootcamp is however considered the best of all as they are leading in terms of combined team experience not to mention of the varieties of courses available for interested applicants from any part of the country.

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Best Programing/Coding Bootcamp in Nigeria

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