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How much will it Cost to Learn Programming in Nigeria 2023

How much will it Cost to Learn Programming in Nigeria 2023

How much will it cost to learn programming in Nigeria – This is a common question usually asked by individuals who are interested in tech as they have sighted from afar the potentials therein.

In as much as it’s a right question to ask most especially if you are considering a low budget, I don’t see the need as things like this varies across places or platforms you gain your experience from.

Well, we are happy to have you on this page as we shall be providing you the answer to your query; unveiling the average costing to learn top level programing and software development skills in Nigeria.

Programming as a skill comprises learning how to code and create mobile responsive applications to serve multipurpose/specific functions for individuals and companies. This however may include; Javascripts, machine learning, CSS, Cybersecurity, Data Science, front/back-end web development among others.

In order to give a direct answer to how much it cost/price for learning programing in major cities in Nigeria, we thought sharing some of the benefits for learning programming may guide you on the right tracts as it will further enhance your decision-making process on whether or not to join any computer/tech programming programme.

Benefits of Learning Programming

  • Job Security: Software developers/programmers enjoy job security without having the fear of being fired by their bosses.
  • High Income Job Opportunities: One of the highest paying skilled jobs in the world is in the programming sector. Programmers and software developers earn high income for their time and work-done worldwide.
  • Remote Working: Programmers enjoy the benefit of working remotely. In most cases, employers won’t need to have you around their business premises as what they are after is your services not your presence.
  • Planning for the Future: Analysis shows that lots of businesses are moving online. This simply means they future will need more of expert creators to develop softwares and integrate seamless services on the web. In simple terms, software development is a job for the present and future time which is yet to come.

Also, the price/cost of learning programing and software development in Nigeria is dependent on the platform which you acquire your skill from as well as channel used. In case of platforms, we have hundreds of companies worldwide offering programming courses such as Coursera, Andela among others.

For the sake of this content, we are limiting to the Nigerian work-space unveiling the best methods for learning software development and their respective pricing. See below for more details.

Available Programming Learning Methods in Nigeria

  • Virtual Classes
  • Physical Classes
  • Self-Thought via Free Repositories e.g YouTube, W3School, Udemy

Best Methods to Learn Programming & Software Development in Nigeria

The best two (2) methods for learning programming to the fullest is via virtual or physical tutorship.

This is simply because it is more reliable in most cases as you get to share your troubles with experts who are ready and willing to guide you while putting you through the right tract. In most cases, physical tutorship stands out more as you get to connect with other like-minded individuals of same learning grade with you.

This will boost your learning speed since you definitely will be sharing ideas with other novice like yourself. Below, you will find the full costing for learning programing/software development in Nigeria.

Cost of Learning Programming in Nigeria (Virtual & Physical Classes)

The average cost of learning programing and software development in Nigeria is ₦50,000 for physical classes. This rate is usually between the ranges of ₦30,000 (minimum) and ₦80,000 (highest).

The average cost of learning programming in Nigeria via virtual classes/tutorship is ₦60,000. This rate is usually between the ranges of ₦35,000 (minimum) and ₦90,000 (highest).

However, some minimal agencies may charge lesser than this for private tutorship. This is also the reason why we have on this page the best recommended institution for learning programming and software development in Nigeria. See below for more details.

Best Place to Learn Programming in Nigeria (Virtual & Physical Classes)

Steamledge Limited is one of the best programming schools with branches located in Kano, Abuja and Niger State known for it immense contributions to the Nigerian tech sector.

This company has trained over a hundred students in Nigeria to master the act and practices of software development. They offer private and premium tutorship for programming and tech courses which can be accessed by students from all parts of the country. This is very helpful if you are residing in a location where the Steamledge brand is yet to extend their services.

The costing for learning programming, coding or software development with SteamLedge vary and is dependent to the type of learning model selected by potential students.

For instance, the cost for attending virtual lessons which is held online is different from cost of attending physical lessons. About the delivery quality, you don’t need to bother as Steamledge will always deliver beyond your expectations either you enroll for physical or virtual lessons.

How to Register for SteamLedge Private Tutorship

In order to enroll for any of Steamledge courses, you can fill our contact form or reach out to support using the phone line for guideline and further instructions on how to easily enroll.

Conclusion: Programing/Software Development Classes in Nigeria

Glad to have you here as we just discussed the actual cost for learning programming and software development in Nigeria with a top reliable company offering same service.

We ouch you to take the bold step as you get started with Tech in general. This is because there is more to tech than just viewing completed projects.

Learning a tech skill such as programming which will expose you to web development, app development (Android & IOS), data science will a core way to invest in yourself as this is a high paying career path which is considered ever-green.


How much will it cost to learn programing in Nigeria.

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