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Programming Schools in Kano – Best Places to Learn Web/App Development in Kano Nigeria

Programming Schools in Kano – Best Places to Learn Web/App Development in Kano Nigeria

Best Programming schools in Kano State where you can learn how to code in Nigeria with virtual and physical classes.

Interested in learning how to make use of letters and special characters to create mobile responsive applications and softwares which can be used by individuals and business owners?

You should consider learning programming and app development skills.

Programming or software development is the processes involved in writing a computer programme or mobile application. Programming however, differs with web development since web development is the process of building any kind of web applications or mobile.

Here in Nigeria, the both terms are cross-used in the sense that a lot of people refer programming to web development or vice vasa.

Information on this page covers various sphere or software development activities as we intend revealing the best programming schools in Kano State where you can learn;

  • Programming
  • Web/app development including other high in demand tech skills.

Without wasting further ado, let’s proceed as we unveil the best places to learn programming and software development in Nigeria (Kano, Abuja and Niger State).

Best Programming Schools in Kano: Learn Web/App Development

SteamLedge Limited

Steamledge is a leading tech institute with branches in Kano, Niger State and of course the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja.

The institution is an Education, Services and Technology company that is building Africa’s largest engineering eco-system with emphasis on innovation for positive impact, high performance and quality. They provide the space and opportunity to build and mentor high quality engineering talents to create innovative products to solve emerging problems

The company was formally known as Quadrev and was founded in 2011 before rebranding to Steamledge Limited in 2017.

Our business was solely Education (Creative Computing now Tech Acceleration Program) with Partners schools like;

  • Intercontinental Schools Kano
  • Sweet Haven Schools
  • Gateway
  • Prime College Kano
  • Sunflowers Schools
  • New Horizons College Minna
  • EL Amin Minna
  • Al Ali  Internationals School Minna as well as Abuja

This was achieved before the Transitioning to an Edu-Tech Company where the Development of software/Products such as;

  • Allon Fahasa
  • Blueberry
  • IMS
  • PMD
  • MLF
  • AI Tutor
  • Steamlance and many more came into the picture.

Today, Steamledge have developed over 15 softwares and have partner with leading brand in Nigeria as a tech agency offering solutions such as PPC campaigns, account management and event coverage.

Surely, Steamledge is the best place to learn coding and programming in Nigeria either remotely or by attending physical classes.

It only takes few clicks to sign up as a student in order to learn a new digital skill. You can start by visiting any of our branches nationwide or by doing a full online enrolment.

How to Enroll for Steamledge Courses Online

  • Visit TAP Academy
  • Scroll down to locate your preferred course
  • Tab on the enrolment button and signup for an account
  • Complete all processes to be fully on-boarded
  • Start learning.

Alternatively, you can walk into any of our offices nationwide (Kano, Abuja & Niger) or call/WhatsApp our phone lines +234(0)8099111190 for immediate enrolment.

Conclusion: Where to Learn Programming in Nigeria (from anywhere)

Learning how to code or do computer programming is one of the best ways to invest in yourself or child.

The need for programmers worldwide is endless as there will always be limited individuals to service needs of employers and businesses. It will also interest you to know that software developers/programmers earn an average of $5,000 monthly in the US or other European countries.

A lot of software developers in Nigeria work remotely with foreign clients thereby; earning in foreign currencies ($, € and £ etc) while being domicile in their home country. This is because location doesn’t really matter as what clients need is your service and not your presence.

As discussed, Steamledge offers proficient private tutorship for programming/software development (app, game and web) via Technology Acceleration Program (TAP).

You can get enrolled today in just view clicks for virtual or physical sessions in any of our locations nationwide (Kano, FCT & Niger State). Talk to our support on WhatsApp for more enquiry.

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